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High IQ and What does that mean?

Posted by warticles on January 28, 2009

Suppose you take an IQ test and the result says you have an IQ of 165.Would it come as a shock to you?Well ,probably most us will be shocked by the result .Albert Einstein’s estimated IQ is 160,it’s the same as Bill Gate’s. So,no wonder you’ll be surprised.And you’d be happy too. Let us say,one of  your friends takes an IQ test and the test says he has an IQ of 160.He’d probably be  shocked and surprised.He’d  feel  like a big man for a while.But what does that mean? a high IQ?Does it mean that he’d be as successful as Bill Gates or other Genii?Of course not, it just tells you that you have a potential to become a Genius. It doesn’t mean that you’re a Genius. According to tests, a person with an IQ of 150 or over is claimed to be a genius.It’s true, but it’s not correct to say that having a high makes you a genius.It’s not be-all and end-all.

So, what makes you a Genius?

There are many factors that push us towards our goals.Yes, your IQ plays an important role,but without  proper determinations,attitudes and realisitic goals,you’ll achieve nothing .You’ll remain as a freaky genius the rest of your life.

Suppose you have an IQ of 170,and you can understand most of the things in your environment(maybe,because of intuition),you’ll probably find it very difficult what to choose and follow. For example you can understand the philosophical theories easily at  the same time you can compose poems , songs and sometimes you like to work on a computer software, and sometimes you’d rather read about Quantum physics ,or Economics or politics, and you’re tying yourself in a knot or you’re fooling yourself.What would you do? You are interested in all those things and  you can understand all those damned  stuffs.Now , what’s your talent? Are you gonna take a  career or personality test to know your talent?How accurate are those tests?So,you’re lost now.You don’t even know what’s your talent and what your goals are. Now having a high IQ have made you nothing but  a freaky genius.So, what are you gonna do? Try to lower your IQ to 130 or make it higher (200) so that you’d beable to make a decision and set your goals, or are you gonna read books about “how to become successful in you life”?

These are some of the reasons why some people cannot achive success in their lives even though they are Geniuses , according to the tests or class scores.Because of the intuition some people can easily understand many subjects, it’s very difficult for such persons to set their goals.Some people , they can understand easily but only one subject ,therefore they can easily know their talents and they work on it and become geniuses in their own right without having a super high IQ.

So, what do you need to know to be a Genius with or without a super high IQ?There are many factors that define your personality and this in turn defines your life.Have you ever asked yourself about your strongest talent? Your personality? Your Future?When you know your strongest talent , you don’t need to beat around the bush, you just need to follow your talents and set goals and work a like dog.And the SUCCESS is just a click away.You just need to know yourself click the right button!

And you…………..

4 Responses to “High IQ and What does that mean?”

  1. возьму на заметку…доработаю и использую Вы не против?

  2. […] High IQ and What does that mean? « Blog de Warticles […]

  3. warticles said

    Interesting.I’ll look at your equation when I’m free. But I think you don’t need to be so blunt.
    Einstein already had said that “any intelligent fool can make theories big and complex, and it takes genius and courage to change it in opposite direction”.Einstein’s theory may be wrong but no one will agree that it’s a fraud.
    No one will agree when I say that 14324432=45435 or 334=34 or 0 =2 or 0=434443243242. But it’s true. Every number in this universe has the same root value. I can prove that, in a very simple way, without even a,b,c d or other symbols.I can explain it without symbols,just numbers. But I’m gonna make it complex just to impress people so that they’ll be interested in it and study it . If not , it’s so simple that they wont’ even look at my theory or they’ll just say that it’s crazy.Sometimes you just need to be an intelligent fool :) .

  4. Joe Nahhas said

    2009 is the end of Einstein’s space-jail of time and Fraud symbol E=mc²
    Time is not a structure like space to allow space-to time-back to space jumping claimed by Physicists regardless of what physicists have to say about it because Physics is a business and not necessarily science or scientific and like every business it comes with fraud and fraud is Einstein’s space-time (x, y, z, it) continuum that led to fraud symbol E=mc² and yes I am saying that 109 years of Nobel prize winners physics and physicists are all wrong and space-time physics is based on scientific fraud. When “results” expected and “No” discovery, Physicists rigged Physics for grant money since the start of the industrial revolution. Physics today is at least 51 % fraud!
    r ——————>>Exp (ì w t) ———->> S=r Exp (ì wt) Nahhas’ Equation
    Orbit——–>> Orbit light sensing——>> Visual Orbit; Exp = Exponential
    Particle —->> light sensing of moving objects———— >> Wave
    Newton———>>light sensing———->> Quantum
    Quantum = Newton x Visual Effects
    Quantum – Newton = Relativistic = Optical Illusions
    E (Energy by definition) = mv²/2 = mc²/2; if v = c
    m = mass; v= speed; c= light speed; w= angular velocity; t= time
    S = r Exp (ì w t) = r [cos (wt) + ì sin (wt)] Visual effects
    P = visual velocity = change of visual location
    P = d S/d t = v Exp (ì w t) + ì w r Exp (ì w t)
    = (v + ì w r) Exp (ì w t) = v (1 + ì) Exp (ì w t) = visual speed; v = wr
    E (visual energy= what you see in lab) = m p²/2; replace v by p in E = mv²/2
    = m p²/2 = m v²/2 (1 + ì) ² Exp (2ì wt)
    = mv²/2 (2ì) [cosine (2wt) + ì sine (2wt)]
    =ì mv² [1 – 2 sine² (wt) + 2 ì sine (wt) cosine (wt)];v = speed; c = light speed
    wt = π/2
    E (visual) = ìmv² (1 – 2 + 0)
    E (visual) = -ì mc² ≡ mc² (absolute value;-ì = negative complex unit) If v = c
    w t = π/4
    E (visual) = imv² [1-1 +ỉ] =-mc²; v = c
    wt =-π/4+ỉln2/2; 2ỉ wt=-ỉπ/2 – ln2
    Exp (2i wt) = Exp [-ỉπ/2] Exp [ln(1/2)]=[-ỉ (1/2)]
    E (visual) = imv² (-ỉ/2) =1/2mc² v = c
    Conclusion: E = mc² is the visual Illusion of E = mc²/2 All rights reserved.
    PS: In case of E=mc² claims to be rest energy claims then
    E=1/2m (m v + m’ r) ² = (1/2m) (m’ r) ²; v = 0
    E = (1/2m) (mc) ²; m’ r =mc

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